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buriram government hosptial

The Buriram Government Public Hospital



General practitioners in Buriram conduct their businesses in hospitals and clinics. They do not have private practices.  Appointments are not necessary.




General clinics are available throughout the city, operating at different hours. For example, some are only open during the day, while others open in the evening. It is recommended that you travel the city to find one open at any given time. They are abundant and easily identifiable as you may often see patients sitting in the waiting room from the street.




The government public hospital is located on Nasatanee Road at Inchamnnarong Road.  It is recommended that you arrive early to avoid crowds.




Buriram’s Ekachon private hospital is located on Road 2074 leading to Putthaisong. If you are driving away from Buriram City towards Putthaisong, the private hospital will be on your right hand side, shortly after the train tracks.  Private hospital fees are notably larger than the public hospital. Waiting times generally are shorter.




There are a number of specialists in Buriram, from dermatologists to cardiac care. They generally are located on Romburi Road between Nivas Road and Tanee Road.  As signage is generally in Thai language only, it is recommended that you ask a local if you can not read Thai language.