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The closest border crossing to Buriram province is the Chong Chom / O’Smach  border point. Chong Chom is in Surin province and O’Smach is in Cambodia.  It is approximately a one and a half hour drive from Buriram City.  Note, as there isn’t a Thai Embassy or Consulate in O’Smach, the Chong Chom / O’Smach  border crossing is only useful for those who already have been issued a Thai visa and are leaving the country as outlined in the visa’s stipulations.  At time of writing, there isn’t a dedicated bus leaving from Buriram City to Chong Chom, however, several independent casino tour companies leave from Buriram City to O’Smach daily.  Please note, casino owners/operators may not be able to speak English language.




The closest Thai Embassy or Consulate to Buriram province is located in Savannakhet, Laos, which is accessible via Mukdahan Thailand. Chris of My Egg Noodles blog wrote an incredible entry on his experience, including travel and hotel details, viewable here.




Visit Thai Visa for the most up to date information regarding visas for Thailand. Please note, not all visas issued for Thailand are the same. It is recommended that you research and understand your particular visa’s stipulations and requirements.