Phanom Rung



phanom rung enterance


Phanom Rung, located in Tapek Sub-District, Chalerm Prakiat District, Buriram Province, is a sandstone and laterite Hindu shrine dating to the 10th to 13th centuries.  The shrine was originally dedicated to Shiva and built by the Khmers.  It is the largest and best restored Khmer monument in Thailand, taking 17 years to complete the restoration. It is rumoured to be a prototype for the later built Angkor Wat in nearby Cambodia. If you have time to visit one attraction in Buriram province, Phanom Rung is highly recommended. The site is generally busy with local tourists, the weekends being the most busy. An ideal time to visit would be before 10:00 am.


Four times a year, the sun shines through all 15 doorways. Sunset on March 4-6 at approximately 5:58 pm. Sunrise on April 1-5 at 5:56 am. Sunrise on September 8 – 10 at 5:58 am. Sunset on October 5 – 8 at 5:53 pm. The date and time of this natural phenomenon can be changed due to the seasons.* In leap years it begins one day earlier. The park extends its hours during this event.






Buses leaving from Buriram City are available at the main bus terminal.  Take a bus to Tapek and wait for either a songtao to Phanom Rung or hire a motorcycle taxi.  Should you take a motorcycle taxi, it is recommended that you coordinate for them to wait for you during your visit. Songtaos run more frequently on weekends.


Hours:  6am – 6pm

Admission:  40 Baht




*Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)