The two main clubs in Buriram are located within the same entertainment block of the city.


Speed Music Hall showcases live mainstream performance acts (i.e. a vocalist singing popular Thai songs with dancers) and on some nights, the addition of a local band. There are DJ’d sets between bands, which often includes Hip-Hop and Dance. This is a club you don’t want to show up in flip-flops.


Tawan Daeng is Buriram’s Thai country music venue. Like Speed Music Hall, Tawan Daeng showcases live performers (backed by dancers) and bands, the difference being, the music and the culture are solely country. Tawan Daeng is more casual than Speed Music Hall, but relatively the same size.


Both clubs are located on Romburi Road between Nivas Road and Tanee Road. The clock tower is located where Nivas Toad and Romburi Road meet. The entertainment block is impossibly difficult to miss as it is clearly signed and houses a number of smaller bars, restaurants and the large Victoria karaoke complex (which houses a number of karaoke rooms).